Wednesday, May 6, 2009

sketch series 5.

sketch series 4.

1. LED
- kitchen
- mostly task & some ambient lighting
- LEDs
- under cabinet lighting, square pendants with one LED lamp
- good task/direct lighting, poor ambient
- cool color rendering
- appropriate for under cabinet lighting, not as appropriate for pendant/ambient lights
- more ambient lighting is needed

2. Incandescent
- residential work/craft area
- ambient & task lighting
- incandescent
- 1 pendant hanging directly above the workspace, 3 track lights directed towards workspace
- provides low levels of lighting
- poor/warm color rendering
- illumination level is too low for tasks
- more direct task lighting is needed, as well as a higher color rendering ability

3. High Intensity Discharge
- indoor pool
- ambient lighting
- industrial HID
- large pendants, hanging high in the space
- provides high levels of lighting for the pool below
- very good color rendering / cool color
- very appropriate; even lighting throughout the space
- no recommendations

4. Fluorescent
- living space / art display area
- accent lighting
- linear fluorescent bulbs
- cove lighting, hidden by architectural elements
- provides accent lighting on artwork displayed on shelves below the lamp and also provides ambient lighting for the immediate area
- good color rendering
- appropriate for the space
- no recommendation

5. Electrodeless
- outdoor installation
- accent
- electrodeless
- translucent material with lighting from within
- appropriate illumination for accent lighting
- no recommendations

6. Cold Cathode
- bank
- ambient lighting
- the luminaires are pendants with transparent glass globes
- the lamps create bright ambient light throughout the space
- illuminates materials & provides good color rendering
- the lighting level is appropriate in the main vaulted area, but too low in the smaller alcove to the side
- task lighting is needed in the alcove, to illuminate the desks in that area

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

sketch series 3.

for sketch series 3, i took 4 fabric samples to a library, grocery store, retail store and my house. at each location, i took pictures of the sample to compare how the color rendering looks with each light source.

[library, grocery store, retail store, residence]

[library, grocery store, retail store, residence]

[library, grocery store, retail store, residence]

[library, grocery store, retail store, residence]

at the library, there was a combination of fluorescent and incandescent lights, but they were quite high on the ceiling, so the light available at shelf-level wasn't as good as it probably should have been. therefore, the samples from here are darkest.

at the grocery store, there were very bright ceramic metal halide or fluorescent lights (i couldn't really tell because they were so bright i couldn't see the lamp). either way, the store was very bright and had a good color-rendering index, so these samples are brightest and have the most true color.

at the retail store, there were fluorescent lights, which also provided pretty true color rendering, but a little on the warm side.

my residence also has fluorescent lights [cfls] but there is pretty much only once light source in the room, so it's kind of dark & dull in the room, therefore these samples look pretty dull.

light series 2.

for sketch series 2, i went to a restaurant, a museum, and a retail store to observe the lighting conditions.

restaurant: el carreton
lamps: incandescdent
luminaires: overhead pendant + wall mounted

the lighting in el carreton is very appropriate for the restaurant setting. there are hanging lights above each table, providing ample lighting for eating. the wall lights provide ambient light throughout the restaurant. there is some reflection off the windows and table surfaces, but nothing that causes extreme amounts of glare. overall, the lighting condition in el carreton is good.

art museum: weatherspoon art gallery
lamp: ceramic metal halide [i think]
luminaires: overhead track lighting

at weatherspoon, there is appropriate lighting for viewing the artwork. the pendant lights are directed in various area throughout the gallery, both onto the works of art and in the empty space. i think they are ceramic metal halide lights, but i'm not 100% sure because they were quite high up and i couldn't exactly see inside without blinding myself. there is also a window in one corner of the space, but it has a white shade over it so direct sunlight can't harm the artwork, but so that the light is diffused and helps light the space. overall, i think the lighting is fairly appropriate, but the lighting seems kind of warm and pinkish for an art gallery; i imagined it should be more vividly white. other than that, there is enough to see the artwork clearly without being distracted by glare, reflection, or any other lighting conditions.

retail store: ulta
lamps: fluorescent
luminaires: recessed, table lamps and accent

overall, ulta is a very well-lit store. there is plenty of overhead light that provides ambient lighting throughout the store. there are also strategicially placed table lamps, near mirrors and such to provide any extra lighting as needed. also, there are panels throughout the store that are backlit, providing wayfinding and extra lighting. even with the amount of lighting in this store, there doesn't seem to be much glare, at least nothing that is very obvious.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


megan and i went on an adventure to ikea today. the lighting section was awesome, and so i'm sharing some of the pictures i took.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

daylight model.

inspired by tadao ando's church of light.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

lighting evaluation.

The lobby of the Gatewood building is a large open space, used for gathering, displaying artwork, and as a main entrance. The natural light from the large windows is the main source of light, but there are also eight large overhead lights providing ambient lighting when daylight is not present. Our overall impression of the space is that it is a pleasant, well lit entrance and gathering space looking into the Gatewood Art Gallery.

Our overall group rating of the space is as follows:

clear 2
distinct 2
bright 1
faces clear 2
large 1
spacious 1
wide 2
long 2
horizontal 4
colorful 5
glare 3
public 1
relaxed 3
like 1
satisfying 2
beautiful 2
interesting 2
cheerful 3
pleasant 2

overall average group rating 3